KING RU spent several months in the UK songwriting,recording and performing.               He was interviewed on several Reggae Radio stations.During this period KING RU also collaborated with artists KITTY CORBIN, JAYJAYBORN2SING and producer MORFIUS forming the group “TRINITY” recording a single and video clip called “GWAAN YOUT“.The single is currently doing very well in the UK and Australia.



KING RU also recorded at Black Lindy Studios collaborating with Jah Kirk and Black Lindy producing some amazing tunes for the new album.

KING RU was included in a huge line up of talented Reggae Dancehall artists performing for “Love Where You Live” festival. His highlight of the day was to have an impromptu Happy Birthday sang by Kitty Corbin,Harmonie Deja and Layla Rose. Three amazing female Vocalists.


 Love Where You Live        The crew "Trinity"               Last day Jah Kirk Black LindyBumpy Gee interview Recording "Gwaan Yout" MorfiusRecording "Gwaan Yout"Recording "Gwaan Yout" Kitty Corbin, JayJayBorn2Sing





Love Where You Live UK 2014

Love Where You Live 1.Love Where You Live2.Love Where You LiveBrixton 20142.Brixton 20143.Brixton







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