» KING RU UK 2014

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

KING RU spent several months in the UK songwriting,recording and performing.               He was interviewed on several Reggae Radio stations.During this period KING RU also collaborated with artists KITTY CORBIN, JAYJAYBORN2SING and producer MORFIUS forming the group “TRINITY” recording a single and video clip called “GWAAN YOUT“.The single is currently doing very well in the UK and Australia.



KING RU also recorded at Black Lindy Studios collaborating with Jah Kirk and Black Lindy producing some amazing tunes for the new album.

KING RU was included in a huge line up of talented Reggae Dancehall artists performing for “Love Where You Live” festival. His highlight of the day was to have an impromptu Happy Birthday sang by Kitty Corbin,Harmonie Deja and Layla Rose. Three amazing female Vocalists.


 Love Where You Live        The crew "Trinity"               Last day Jah Kirk Black LindyBumpy Gee interview Recording "Gwaan Yout" MorfiusRecording "Gwaan Yout"Recording "Gwaan Yout" Kitty Corbin, JayJayBorn2Sing





Love Where You Live UK 2014

Love Where You Live 1.Love Where You Live2.Love Where You LiveBrixton 20142.Brixton 20143.Brixton







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» ‘King Ru’ (Ru.CL) Performing Live @t More Fire!

Monday, May 6th, 2013


‘KING RU’ will be performing live with ‘CHANT DOWN’ on Saturday the 11th of May at the MERCAT CROSS HOTEL BASEMENT aka DEEP 11. Don’t miss Jamaican/Australian recording artist/singer/songwriter King Ru in action!!! Since returning from his overseas travels, King Ru has been extremely busy, performing for cultural show “Jamaica Irie/Sweet Jamaica” and in the studio recording plenty plenty!!! With a catalogue of fresh material, King Ru is looking forward to performing at “More Fire”, alongside ‘Chant Down’. The lineup also includes ‘System Unknown’, ‘Gwaan Gal’ and ‘DJ Pit’.                                             


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» Chasm “Dreaming” Video Featuring Gappy Ranks & Ru.CL aka King Ru

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

“Miss this and blame yourself ” “JAMAICA IRIE/SWEET JAMAICA Tour Of Oz 2013,2014″ (Queen Jigzie & King Ru) Schools, Kindergartens, Holiday Programs, Libraries and festivals. Click here for more info about “Jamaica Irie/Sweet Jamaica”


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» “2013 Whats New For King Ru AKA Ru.CL”

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Ru.CL aka King Ru has returned from his long stay overseas inspired, refreshed focusing on writing a new Reggae/Dancehall album and featuring on exciting collaborations with artists producers and soundsytems worldwide. He recently collaborated with brilliant producer Chasm and UK’s no 1 Reggae artist Gappy Ranks for the song “Dreaming”. King Ru flew to Sydney for the shooting of the Dreaming video coming soon. Dreaming video behind the scenes footage

King Ru was also asked to join a Gappy Ranks FBI Radio ‘Stolen Records’ interview after the “Dreaming” video shoot. Stolen Records featuring Gappy Ranks & Ru.CL (King Ru)

King Ru aka Ru.CL also continues working with Wayne Lotek in the studio. Cooking up a feast of  ‘big chunes’, both artists are keen to get the duo project out to the people. Check out the first King Ru and Wayne Lotek collaboration “Sundance”                       Sundance ‘Wayne Lotek’ featuring \’King Ru (Ru.CL)\’

In 2012 King Ru teamed up with Motley and Candice Monique forming the group “Carte Blanche”. The meaning and concept behind the name and group is like a blank cheque opening and having the power to bring anything and everything to the table, having creative freedom. The three talented pioneer solo musicians believe this tag team experience is about unity,writing quality music, proudly stretching music beyond its limitations, performing for Carte Blanche fans and having fun while doing so. They are looking forward to getting on the road with their explosive dynamic show and look forward to finishing the album. Before King Ru left for his overseas travels “Carte Blanche” performed together for the first time, leaving a real buzz about the trio around the music scene. Audiences wanting more of Carte Blanche. The second performance live streamed King Ru (Ru.CL) in London, to a Melbourne audience joining Motley and Candice Monique on stage via satellite. Since King Ru’s return to Oz the group have been writing,recording and performing as well as individually focusing on their solo careers. Class production from Jay Smith & Dutch and Billy Hoyle,”Carte Blanche” is not a group to be ignored. Like and comment on \”Carte Blanche\” fb page

Carte Blanche400856_4270028422812_1456194746_n533795_4270013702444_1647779546_n

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