About Ru C.L

Ru C.L” a.k.a. Rueben Campbell, is one of the most dynamic artists to emerge from the Hip Hop/Dancehall and Reggae scene. A ‘Jahstralian’ (Jamaican/Australian heritage) based in Melbourne, Ru C.L is an explosive entertainer with world wide appeal.

His talent is evident on every track of his first album “Straight Down The Line” a collaboration with Katalyst and executive producer Geoff Barrows of the acclaimed Portishead. This truly world class album was mixed and recorded in Bristol UK.

In his new Album ‘Brimstone & Fire’, Ru C.L returns with a skill-filled, exciting, unique, lyrically clever Hip Hop album. The production on this album has a classic Hip Hop universal sound, with a similarity in vocal delivery to the likes of Nas or Mos Def. Ru C.L is able to effortlessly cross between many genres. Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Sing Jay, Soul and R&B. ‘Brimstone & Fire’ leans more towards classic Hip Hop, however there is evidence of his diversity in this album. Ru C.L’s range of musical skills will always keep audiences eager to hear what is coming next. This Jahstralian charismatic performer is set to relight the fire with his new Hip Hop master piece ‘Brimstone & Fire’. Look out for this album to be released in 2011.

Ru C.L performs in various capacities which includes acting or as an MC for events such as Raggamuffin Festival 2010. His reputation within the Hip Hop, R&B Reggae and Dancehall community, has seen him share the stage with acts such as Jurassic 5, Pharcyde, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Guru, Super Natural, Estelle, Z trip, Mob Deep, Sly & Robbie, Mad Professor, Mighty Sparrow, Lee Scratch Perry, The Wailers, DJ Craze and many more. Ru C.L toured and performed nationally with the Black Eyed Peas & John Legend.

Ru C.L has been making his presence felt in the underground scene for many years now. His first release ‘Akshun’, was with ‘Mama’s Funk’. Ru C.L made a guest appearance on ‘1200 Techniques’ album and the video clip “Hard as Hell”. He has recorded and performed with ‘Plutonic’ and ‘Madlock’, as well as producing beats for the ‘Wolfgram Sisters’.

Ru C.L ‘s experiences are wide and varied, with projects such as ‘Guerrilla Style Tactics’ (his self-funded EP), ‘Dancehall Heavy mix tape’, ‘It’s Attractive’ (the theme track for Puma Clyde fashion series), to live performances at festivals such as the Jakarta Jazz Festival, Dreaming Festival, Big Day Out, Good Vibes, Groovin The Moo, Days Like This, Golden Plains, Homebake, Vibes on a Summers Day, Splendor In The Grass, Falls Festival, Reggae Town, Kowanyama Baby Festival.

Ru C.L has made numerous trips to Jamaica to visit family and friends over the years. He studied percussion and voice production at the Jamaican School Of Music.

Ru C.L is the lead percussionist for Jamaican born, singer, dancer, choreographer and storyteller ‘Queen Jigzie’ in her cultural show, ‘Sweet Sweet Jamaica’/Jamaica Irie. Queen Jigzie features on the EP ‘Guerilla Style Tactics’ and on the album ‘Straight Down The Line’.

Ru C.L comes from a very creative family of singers & dancers. His late father Peter Campbell was a renowned artist in the Australian contemporary and commercial art scene.

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