October, 2012

» 2012 Ru.CL aka (KING RU) travels the globe

Friday, October 12th, 2012

In 2012 Ru.CL aka King Ru travelled for several months, reflecting on his career and exploring the music scene in the UK and Jamaica. He also visited Barbados, New York, Los Vegas, Oakland and San Francisco.

While in the UK King Ru top lined or co wrote a song for BMG with Felicity Hunter and Russell Fawcus. King Ru felt totally inspired meeting extremely talented musicians who welcomed him as part of the family.He recorded at Black Lindy studio in Harlesden, the home town of UK Reggae star Gappy Ranks. King Ru (Ru.CL) was also featured on Reggae/Dancehall DJ and presenter Karl X radio show and was filmed with Queen Jigzie for an inspirational,motivational documentary.

Hanging out in the recording studio in Kingston,King Ru was asked by producer Tempa and artist Lego to feature on a song. Straight into the studio a couple of hours later the three musicians came up with a song.”Recording in Jamaica with Lego and Tempa was a ‘swagerriffic’ experience” says King Ru. During his stay in Jamaica he also filmed a video and furthered his percussion and vocal studies in Kingston.The highlights for King Ru were attending the amazing Reggae/Dancehall festival Sumfest. He was completely inspired seeing many of his favourite artists in action.”The biggest and the best festival I’ve ever experienced” says King Ru.┬áJamaica celebrating the 50th anniversary of independence, had spirits high and full of pride, especially when 1-2-3 Jamaican sprinters crossed the finish line to take Gold,Silver,Bronze at the Olympics. Twenty minutes later Jamaica created a dance called 1-2-3 Bolt,Blaire,Blake. “Saddened by the poverty and corruption but proud and blown away by how full of spirit,talented and enterprising my Jamaican people are” said King Ru.

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